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Pet grooming

Eco-friendly pet care towels from VISCOTO

As every passionate pet owner knows, our furry and four-legged friends only deserve the best when it comes to diet and exercise, and like their owners occasionally enjoy the beauty SPA treatment. That means our pets are much more sensitive than we are. For this reason, pet care salons and SPA often focus on using only the safest and most environmentally friendly care products. The only question is whether our environmentally friendly disposable towels could also become part of your daily product range.

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Safer and easier pet care

As a completely hypoallergenic product, our ecological pet towels are ideal for people and animals, even for the most sensitive skin. And since we don’t use any harsh chemicals or dyes in our towels, you can be sure that the towels are completely safe for animal care.

Advantages for your company

In addition to the fact that many pet owners are impressed by their commitment to the environment and the general well-being of their pets, the towels from VISCOTO offer a number of direct business benefits. On average, salons and animal care centers save up to 44% on their annual energy costs by using our towels. This is because our towels completely eliminate your daily laundry needs.

Another advantage is that your employees can spend more time on customer service than on continuously washing and folding towels.

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VISCOTO disposable towels and traditional cotton towels

Unlike reusable towels, which retain germs and stains after washing, our environmentally friendly towels offer customers flawless freshness and cleanliness. Say goodbye to towels that lose volume and life after repeated use and welcome a softer, more hygienic alternative.

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